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Bylaw and MLS Rules Changes

GAAAR Bylaw Changes:   Yellow highlight are changes or additions  Red items are to be removed


Article V    Qualification and Election

Section 3. Election.

            The procedure for election to membership shall be as follows:

            (a)        Applicants for REALTOR (and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE, where applicable) membership shall be granted provisional membership immediately upon submission of a completed application form and remittance of applicable association dues and any application fee. Provisional members shall be considered REALTORS      ( or REALTOR-ASSOCIATES  ) and shall be subject to all of the same privileges and obligations of membership. Provisional membership is granted subject to subsequent review of the application by the Association of Directors. If the Association of Directors determined that the individual does not meet all of the qualifications for membership as established in the association's bylaws, or , if the individual does not satisfy all of the requirements of membership (for example, completion of a mandatory orientation program) within  6  months  from the association's receipt of their application, membership may, at the discretion of the Association of Directors, be terminated.

Section 4.         New Member Code of Ethics Orientation:          Applicants for REALTORÒ membership and provisional REALTORÒ members (where applicable) shall complete an orientation program on the Code of Ethics of not less then two hours and thirty minutes of instructional time. This requirement does not apply to applicants for REALTORÒ membership or provisional members who have completed comparable orientation in another association, provided that REALTORÒ membership has been continuous, or that any break in membership is for one year or less.


Failure to satisfy this requirement within 6 months of the date of application (or, alternatively, the date that provisional membership was granted, will result in denial of the membership application or termination of provisional membership.


Note: Orientation programs must meet the learning objectives and minimum criteria established from time to time by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORSÒ. (Adopted 1/01)


Section 5.         Continuing Member Code of Ethics Training:    Effective January 1, 2001, through December 31, 2002, and for successive two year periods thereafter, each REALTORÒ member of the association shall be required to complete ethics training of not less than two (2) hours and thirty (30) minutes of instructional time. This requirement will be satisfied upon presentation of documentation that the member has completed a course of instruction conducted by this or another association, the State Association of REALTORSÒ, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORSÒ, or any other recognized educational institution or provider which meets the learning objectives and minimum criteria established by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORSÒ from time to time. REALTORÒ members who have completed training as a requirement of membership in another association and REALTORÒ members who have completed the New Member Code of Ethics Orientation during any two year cycle shall not be required to complete additional ethics training until a new two year cycle commences.

COE Cycle 5 (2017-2019) : GAAAR (2) year cycle will follow the members 2 year real estate licensing period (July 1-June 30). Failure to meet the requirement of completing an approved provider course of Code of Ethics within the members (2) year license period will result in membership/MLS suspension until the requirement is met. If requirement is met by the end of July of that year no re-instatement fee will be charged.

Failure to meet the requirement for the member who is still suspended will be automatically terminated on July 31 of that year.


MLS Rules and Regulation changes


Section 1.2          Detail on Listings Filed with the Service:               A listing agreement or property data form, when filed with the Multiple Listing Service by the listing broker, shall be complete/current in every detailincluding photo’s which is ascertainable as specified on the property data form. (Amended 5/11)

  • Listing Address is to be taken from the UPSP  not the County Tax Record.
  • Listing data is to be kept current and updated in a timely manner.
  • Photo’s are property of the original person taking or submitting them.
  • Photo’s can not be copied from any listing unless permission in writing is obtained.

By submitting photographs, architectural renderings, virtual tours and any other pictorial content to the MLS which were taken by the participant and/or subscriber, the submitting participant and/or subscriber grants the MLS and the other participants the right to reproduce and display the media in accordance with the rules and regulations.  Media submitted by the participant or subscriber may only be used for their specified purpose of displaying the subject property.


Greater Alexandria Area MLS, Inc. reserves the right to reject or remove any media submitted that includes any text, personal advertising or promotion as well as people or persons. The Broker/Agent will be immediately notified if the media is removed by the Greater Alexandria Area MLS.  After removal of the said media, the same fine structure will be followed as referred to in Sec.7e.


If a listing broker desires to use the photographs, drawings or similar media from the former listing made by another participant (the “Original Listing Broker/Agent”) in connection with the new listing,  Broker/Agent shall first obtain the written permission of the original listing Broker/Agent to do so.



If the seller(s) refuse(s) to permit their legal name(s) to be disseminated by the Service, filing of the listing will be accompanied by lettersigned by the seller that he/she does not desire their legal name(s) to be disseminated by the Service.  A copy of this agreement will be forwarded to the Greater Alexandria Area MLS Service within two (2) business days, excluding postal holidays and weekends after all necessary signatures of the seller(s) have been obtained.


Section 7.1 Compliance with Rules            
The following action may be taken for noncompliance with the rules:

  1. Failure to comply with Sec. 12 (Distribution) will result in a fine of $100.
  2. Failure to comply with Sec. 17(Orientation) will result in suspension of service to the Participant office of the new member.
  3. MLS Participants must report violations to the Primary MLS where the violation occurred.
  4. GeoCoding (mapping) of listings is mandatory upon entry.  Failure to comply will result...within 3 days after error notice a $25.00 fine..!
  5. Broker to Broker bonus offers must be placedONLY in the Agent Remarks section.  NO conditions can be stated. Failure to comply will result  in a $100.00  fine!
  6. The Exempted Listing Form must (Withhold  from MLS) be submitted to the primary MLS office within 2 business days, excluding holidays and weekends (not counting the first day).  Failure to comply with this rule will carry a $25.00 fine per day.....until submitted.

    ENFORCEMENT OF RULES OR DISPUTES (since the Board has decided that MLS complaints will be filed with the Association a hearing panel needs to be created and training done)

    Section 17, Orientation, revised as follows:

    Any applicant for MLS participation and any licensee (including licensed or certified appraisers) affiliated with an MLS participant who has access to and use of MLS generated information shall complete an orientation program of no more than eight (8) classroom hours devoted to the MLS rules and regulations and computer training related to MLS information entry and retrieval and the operation of the MLS within 6 Months ( this should correspond with the New Member Orientation) after access has been provided.

    IDX display

    Section 18.3.12   Display of expired, withdrawn listings is prohibited. (Amended 11/09)

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